AR = DR = HR and Onwards into the Future!

a simple black and white line drawing of a snake biting its own tail--an ouroborosAutistic Rights are Disability Rights are Human Rights. That was the topic of the primer I wrote when this blog started back in January.

While autism makes us different, autistic rights is really about those things we all need, autistic or not, disabled or not, minority or not: food and shelter, respect and love, and empowerment to live our own lives in freedom, happiness, and health.

This is the point I’ve hoped to make with each post, the perspective I’ve wished to share. The change I’ve wanted to initiate.

It is deeply satisfying then that this blog itself will be changing to better reflect the AR = DR = HR equation, as autism-specific blogging merges into broader Disability Rights blogging at in the future. This is As It Should Be.

As far as my own future, I’ll be doing some public blogging still (though with much, much, MUCH less frequency and after a short break) on ASAN’s blog (and who knows where else). I’ll also be starting a new appointment with the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder (remember that?)–my first real experience with public service and something that would have been literally unimaginable to myself not so long ago. I’ll be continuing my advocacy work with ASAN and SAAL. And primarily I’ll be working on community based research with AASPIRE, which, believe it or not, has been my “day job” all along. Somewhere in all this, here’s hoping I’ll facilitate some change in the overall direction of better civil rights and quality of life.

Thanks everyone for your time, your comments, and your insights. Keep pushing–keep making the world a better place for us all.