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Outrageous and acclaimed, 26th-century musician Caran Watts depends on two secrets to stay alive: a dangerous drug that hides his illegal neurodivergence and an alien species whose vulnerable existence he has sworn to protect. But when he arrives in the Galilean system to tour his latest work, those secrets are hijacked by a powerful force to advance a genocidal plot. As fear infects Jupiter’s moons, Caran must choose whether to keep hiding or risk both his own life and the aliens in hope of a better future.

Review from A Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

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Short, related interview from Wordgathering

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Hoshi and the Red City Circuit

In a far future where neurodivergent Operators are forced to run the world’s technology, Operator Hoshi, a private investigator struggling to prove herself to her employment officer, must find her ex-girlfriend’s serial killer before more die in a plot to control the city by summoning its alien avatar.

Review from Wordgathering
Review from A Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
Review from Ada Hoffman

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Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

Hearts and Tails
Gender Monsters on the Edge of the World

Memoire about threshold spaces and the queer/genderqueer community in the 1980’s in isolated, rural Maine.

Heat Producing Entities
Hearts and Tails

In a 1991 where digital computers were never invented and one wrong move could explode four realities, punk rock mathematician Mac Carroll and his magic-casting BFF deal with a community tragedy as a newcomer drags danger from an alternate universe to their door.

Hearts and Tails
Heat Producing Entities

In the icy-dark of Ganymede’s slums two compromised thieves, both after the same prototype, shelter together. As the troops invade their refuge, they must decide whether to isolate and betray for a better chance of individual success—or to risk an incursion into the other’s world. 

Heat Producing Entities
Butterflies and Thunder

Winner of the 2012 Sledgehammer Writing Contest!

Sledgehammer is a 36-hour writing contest based on a scavenger hunt with three prompts that must be incorporated into a short story. Because Portland 😀

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Old Autism Issues archive from 2008.

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